DKNY Watches Singapore

DKNY is a great brand coming straight from New York made by the famous designer Donna Karan as her fashion label for those who cannot afford the pricy designer labels for themselves but still want quality. Donna Karan watches are mostly for women and they look simply beautiful no matter they are on the sportier or the more elegant side, you can't go wrong when choosing one or more of the DKNY watches which offer quality for not a fortune. Let us see how you can get to see and buy DKNY watches in Singapore, a town that loves fashion and trends. Only if you are in Singapore, you will see how much this great, colourful city really has to offer both for tourists and for those who arrive here on the main reason of shopping.

Donna Karan, already a famous designer in the Eighties has decided to create her new label DKNY especially for the younger and for those who don't have the amount of money to cover the expenses of her main label, Therefore DKNY was born and has a sound success ever since. DKNY watches are designed by the designer in cooperation with the large Fossil brand, which is the company who in fact produced the DKNY watches, which turns the designs into a reality. Apart from watches, DKNY deals with all sorts of women's wear, accessories, leather ware and fragrances too. The stores of DKNY can be found in most of the world's largest cities as well as in Singapore. The great collections of DKNY watches have of course captured the imagination of Singapore's women too. The DKNY watches have a certain charm that makes them so unique. They represent the same fresh style of DKNY as their perfumes and their fashion creations. Apart from DKNY watches being cheaper than many top luxury watches, this does not make them worse in outlook or in the materials they are done with. There are many gold watches or those, which contain gold as well among DKNY watches. The usage of Silver, White or Rose gold is quite popular for DKNY, apart from this, most of their watches are made of stainless steel and some others include ceramics. As for their shape DKNY likes the classic circle shaped watches, although there are some tonneau or pillow shaped and a few square shaped and modern looking watches in its collections. Apart from fashion pieces, there are more professional Donna Karan watches, for example those that come with a chronograph. Their black ceramic watches really count as specialties.

DKNY watches are really for the young or young hearted and they go very well with both jeans and suits. DKNY deals with women's watches exclusively but they have some items that could really count as unisex and can be worn by men as well. This spring DKNY is targeting the pink and rose colours so their watches use plenty of pink and rose gold, they really look beautiful and they have inviting prices between SGD 250 and 440.

In Singapore, you can find DKNY watches at the stores of several retailers. The biggest ones are City Chain stores and All Watches stores that you can find in every downtown shopping mall of Singapore. DKNY watches are really worth buying because they work precisely, reliably and they look great for a great price!
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