Rolex Watches Singapore

Rolex is among the most famous and popular premiere watch brands in the world. The watch brand is well known of its precision, its great designs and of its crown symbol. The Rolex watches are Swiss and are due to the cooperation of a German watchmaker and his English partner. Rolex watches are among the most popular watch choices of many Singaporeans. Therefore, in Singapore, there are dozens of Rolex label stores, even more watch retails offer their watches and many watch repairs are specialised on Rolex watches. Let us see what is worth knowing about Rolex watches and where to find them in Singapore.

Rolex watches were born in 1905 thanks to the cooperation of the German watchmaker Hans Wilhelm Wilsdorf and the English Alfred James Davis who have first called their company Winsdorf and Davis Ltd and renamed it to Rolex three years later as a word which is short and sounds good to remember. The company has started to make watches a couple of years later with the help of the Swiss Herman Aegler's mechanism which helped the brand to be the first to receive the Swiss Certificate of Precision to be the very first watch brand to do so. Herman Aegler played a key role in the making of Rolex one of the world's leading watch brands. Rolex was also the only watch brand that received the class "A" precision certificate in Great Britain by the Kew Observatory as this award was by far reserved only for the marine chronometers. Each one of the Rolex watches go through a very hard testing procedure to always bring the best for their future owners. Rolex was the first watch brand ever to invent the waterproof wristwatch that was named Oyster and was first released in 1926. The hermetic seals guaranteed the Oyster's shock, pressure and water resistance. Later on, Rolex Watches combined this technology with the first self-winding mechanism watch. This perpetual rotor system proved to be the most accurate in punctuality. The Oyster Perpetual watches therefore brought extreme success for Rolex Watches and during the Second World War, they were the most popular watches of the pilots of the Royal Air Force. In addition, Rolex made the first chronograph watch. It was also Rolex, which released the first watch to show the date, next to showing the time too. As you can see, the watch world can thank a lot to the watches of Rolex.

The professional watches of Rolex, the Submariner, the Explorer and the GMT Master are among the most highly bought watches of the world. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is among the best ever released watches in the world. The divers' watch of Rolex, the Sea-Dweller is among the best for professional divers that make the watch work up to 4000 feet depth. The sailor watch of Rolex Watches, the Yacht Master for men and women are among the best and most popular status symbol professional watches. Rolex is the official timekeeper of all Wimbledon Tournaments and of the Australian Open Tennis Championships. Rolex, as you see offers dozens of different collections and each of its watch is unique and one of a kind in so many ways.

That is why Rolex Watches are very famous in Singapore with multiple watchmakers dealing specifically with Rolex watches. The label store of Rolex can be found on the huge Orchard Road, Singapore's most famous shopping zone; Dickson, Cortina, the House of Time and so many other stores, sells them there too. Rolex has label stores in multiple shopping malls, check out the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall and the Raffles Boulevard for quality Rolex watches. Apart from label stores and retail, there are several watch repairs and services specialised in the repairing of Rolex watches such as Bedford Watch Repair and HJ Watches and Jewellery in the Far East Plaza along Orchard Road.
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