Swatch Watches Singapore

Swatch from one point of view is one of the newcomers in the watch industry of Switzerland and of the world, which represents a fresher view on watches with cool designs, many plastic and colourful outlooks. From the other point of view today, it is Swatch Group, which has the highest number of luxury watch brands under its flag today. The Swatch watches represent the rare Swiss quality, which you find only in Swiss watches. In this article, we would like to tell you some information on the Swatch watches brand and on where to find them in Singapore.

Swatch is a young brand which was founded in the early Eighties and thanks to the colourful outlook of its watches, the new plastic way of watch making, the great and fresh promotions and the huge variety regarding the outlook of its watches the Swatch watches have quickly become world famous, especially for the youth and also for the collectors. Swatch Watches has lots of playful pieces and also lots of more elegant collections today each one of them look trendy in their own way and also, the affordable price of Swatch watches is, thanks to which the profits of the company has risen drastically since their release. Also, Swatch watches represent a very high quality in terms of precision and reliability. The top years of Swatch are between 1988 and 1998, ever since, more toy watch looking watches have arrived in the market but Swatch watches are still sold in great numbers and ever since, they have further widened the collection and outlook of their timepieces. Swatch had lots of success with its Skin and Chronograph Skin collection. Today, among the Swatch novelties we can find the Swatch Touch, which is a touch screen watch with timer and alarm options that can be set manually. The unique outlook of the watches also makes them outstanding. Newest collection of Swatch includes the Originals, the Love Collection for Valentine's Day, the Chinese New Year collection that is very famous in Singapore, the Core collection of Swatch includes their complicated, metal cased, digital analogue and their bijoux watch collections. The KidRobot collection is a special collection for children featuring great fantasy outlooks, and their Irony Collection features their elegant metal cased timepieces and metal bracelet watches for men and there is a special Olympic Games Collection for the collectors for the Olympic Games held in London, UK this year.

In Singapore, you can find dozens of stores where you can buy Swatch watches, including their label stores that can be found in virtually every Singapore shopping malls. If you walk along the Orchard Road, which is among the most popular shopping zones of Singapore, you can get to find Swatch watches on the Orchard Turn, in the Heeren and Plaza Singapura Shopping Malls. In addition, there are stores in the Bugis Junction, the Suntec City Mall and about dozen places more where you can find quality collections and the novelties from Swatch watches. Use the Swatch store locator to find the Swatch store nearest to your area.
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