Tissot Watches Singapore

Tissot has always been a more affordable type of timepiece from the Land of Watch making Switzerland, which means that the lower price does not mean lower quality too. Therefore, Tissot watches are among the most popular watches worldwide, the affordable brand for everyone producing numerous high profile watches collections for everyone. The Tissot Watches therefore are popular also in Singapore, which has among the biggest shopping powers in the world. Let us see some details that are worth knowing about Tissot Watches and their availability on the Singapore watch market.

Tissot is among the very few Swiss brands of fine watches which has made its timepieces available not only for millionaires but for everyone in the world. This strategy has made the Tissot brand very famous within a very short time. The Swiss brand is also famous for its great technology used for the producing of its watches, all the special materials used in its watches and the great functionality of all of its watches, backed with lots of additional functions that are very useful for everyday use. The company was founded in 1853 in Jura and today its watches are sold over 150 countries. Tissot is also known as one of the best innovators on the Swiss Watch markets. They were the ones to make the first ever non-magnetic watch and then they were the first to come out with an all-plastic watch. Tissot has also become extremely popular when it started up with creating timepieces made out of stone (the big fashion came in the Eighties with timepieces built in rocks showing time without any numbers featured on the watch). Their exclusive pearl watch was a huge success as well.

Tissot WatchesToday Tissot is the most famous for its T-Touch watch, which is the first every time a watchmaker represented touch-screen technology. The sapphire glass combined with baro-, thermo- and altimeters make an excellent watch for marine use (Sea-Touch, Tissot Sailing Touch). The watch had become extremely famous on the US market after featured by Angelina Jolie in multiple movies.

Tissot today belongs to the large Swatch group, which does not control its overall watch making procedures, so the company is operating independently on most levels. Tissot is the official timekeeper of NASCAR and MotoGP in the US and for several other competitions too. We can see many well-known actors, actresses and sports personalities in the promotions of Tissot watches. Tissot's V8 Chronograph Watch has been among the most successful men's watches in the last few years. Other collections include the T-sport, T-Trend, T-Classic, T-Gold and T-Pocket with its Heritage Collections.

Several retailers all over the city sell Tissot watches in Singapore. Along Orchard Road, where most tourists start their shopping spree, you can find Tissot watches in the House of Time and in the boutique of Cortina Watches. In the downtown boutiques of Sincere, which is among the biggest Swiss watch retailers of Singapore, their Tissot label store is situated on the Raffles Boulevard.
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